Terms & Conditions

1) Introduction to Pop in Hotel's Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Pop in Hotel.
Pop in Hotel's Terms and Conditions (as defined below) are subject to change on an occasional basis. Easy Pop Up reserves the right to modify them at any time and without cause. They apply to the use of our Pop in Hotel extension and the services offered by this extension. By downloading our extension, using it and making a booking request through us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

2) Definition

« Pop In Hotel » is a brand and service owned by Easy Pop Up.
Easy Pop Up is a single-person simplified joint-stock company registered in France in the Montpellier Register of Trade and Companies.

  • Extension : A browser extension is a small software module that allows you to customize a web browser. Pop in Hotel uses this technology to offer its services.
  • Booking Platform ou OTA : refers to a website or mobile application used by a User to search for and book Accommodation (e.g. Booking, Expedia, Hotels.com...)
  • Accommodation Provider : is the provider of Accommodation suggested by a Booking Platform (e.g. hotel, guest room)
  • Accomodation : refers to accommodation offered by an Accommodation Provider (e.g. hotel room...)
  • Host : Accommodation Provider (e.g. hotelier...)
  • Users : are individuals who make use of Booking Platforms and Pop in Hotel. Users navigate, obtain information, and book Accommodation.
  • Booking : refers to the order, purchase, payment or final booking of Accommodation.

3) Scope and definition of our service

Through this extension, we (Pop in Hotel) provide Users with a tool allowing them to book, in advance, the Accommodation of their choice at a lower cost.

Our technology allows for a fair distribution between the User and the Host of the excessively high commissions charged by online Booking Platforms (up to 25%). Through its role as an intermediary and by connecting the User with the Host, Pop in Hotel facilitates lower-cost consumption that is fairer for all players in the accommodation market. The User will pay less and the Host will earn more than with a Booking Platform for a win/win situation.

Pop in Hotel does not sell travel services and is not a travel agency. Pop in Hotel acts as an intermediary between the User and the Host, by:

  • Transmitting the details of the User's Booking to the Host,

  • Negotiating with the Host to obtain a fair rate for the Host and the User,

  • Sending an email confirming the Booking to the User.

By downloading and using the "Pop in Hotel" extension, Users can book Accommodations and make prepayments or payments online to confirm their Booking. The User enters a contractual relationship directly with the Host as soon as a Booking is made.

4) Service fee

Pop in Hotel, in agreement with Hosts, strives to provide Users with the lowest rate for their Booking. The posted price includes the price of the Booking and the remuneration of Pop in Hotel for its connection and negotiation service (from only 5% of the total price instead of the 15% to 25% charged by many Booking Platforms). The rates offered by Hosts are subject to the Host’s terms and conditions (cancellation conditions, refund, tourist tax...). Users are invited to read the Host's conditions before making a Booking. A clear, detailed invoice is sent to the User on confirmation of the Booking.

5) Booking/ prepayment and payment /modification /cancellation / no-show :

The conditions for Booking, prepayment and payment, modification, cancellation and no-show vary depending on the Accommodation Provider. By making a Booking with a Host, Users acknowledges that they have read and accepted the Host’s cancellation and no-show conditions. The cancellation and no-show terms and conditions are unique to each Host and are available on every Booking Platform or OTA; a reminder of these conditions is also included in the confirmation email sent by Pop in Hotel to the User at the time of Booking. Please note that any modification, cancellation or no-show may result in a fee being charged by Pop in Hotel and the Host in accordance with the latter’s modification, cancellation and no-show conditions. Users are therefore advised to read these conditions carefully before confirming a Booking and making any payment. In accordance with the Host’s conditions, Pop in Hotel therefore reserves the right to deduct the amount of its administrative fee (5% of the posted price) in the event of cancellation and/or no-show by the User on the date of the Booking. Users who wish to cancel a Booking agree to send an email to reservation@popinhotel.com with “Cancellation” in the subject line and indicating their contact information and Booking number.

Booking :

A Booking request occurs when the User clicks on the Pop in Hotel “Book” button. Confirmation of a Booking request is effective once the User has provided and confirmed his/her contact and payment information online. As soon as the Booking request is confirmed, the User enters a contractual relationship directly with the Host as indicated above (Point 7). Pop in Hotel then sends the User a first email acknowledging the Booking request and contacts the Host. The Booking request is subject to the availability and acceptance of the Host. The User will receive an email confirming the Booking within 24 hours of the request.

Prepayment and payment :

Some Hosts require prepayment by the User to confirm the Booking. The prepayment is then made securely online. The prepayment is a final Booking of the Accommodation and is non-refundable. Users are therefore advised to consult the cancellation conditions of the chosen Host before making a final Booking. Some Hosts do not require prepayment; in this case, payment is made directly to the Host on location. Pop-in Hotel will then deduct the amount of its administrative fee for its connection and negotiation service (included in the posted price) on the date of the User’s arrival at the Accommodation.

Modification :

Users who wish to change a confirmed Booking (change of arrival and/or departure date, addition of overnight stay...) must send an email to Pop in Hotel’s booking service at the following address: reservation@popinhotel.com with “Change” in the subject line. A fee may be charged by the Host depending on the conditions accepted at the time of booking. Change requests may be refused by the host for various reasons (such as lack of availability on the new dates). The User must then either keep the initial Booking or cancel the Booking (subject to the conditions of the Host, who may charge the User a fee).

Cancellation :

A request for cancellation must be sent by email to Pop in Hotel's booking service at the following address: reservation@popinhotel.com with “Cancellation” in the subject line. A fee may be charged by the host and Pop in Hotel depending on the conditions accepted at the time of booking.

No show :

When the user does not show up at the Accommodation Provider on the date of the Booking, any refunds that may be due to the User will be paid in accordance with the specific conditions of the Accommodation Provider as indicated to the User during the booking process. The administrative booking fee due to Pop in Hotel will be applied.

6) Limitation of liability

The information about the Hosts communicated online on the various Booking Platforms is the full responsibility of the Hosts themselves. Pop in Hotel acts only as an intermediary and therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the rates, fees, conditions and descriptive information published online regarding Hosts and their Accommodations. Pop in Hotel cannot be held responsible for the provision and quality of services by each Host. The User is required to provide valid information in order to make a Booking. Pop in Hotel assumes no responsibility for incorrect information (typing errors, incorrect email address, phone number, invalid or incorrect credit card number).

7) Privacy

By providing your email address to Pop in Hotel, you consent to Pop in Hotel using this address to send you your Booking confirmation and information about the requested service. Pop in Hotel respects your personal data in accordance with the GDPR and French law. You can visit our Privacy Page.

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